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Avalanche in Rome

Central Italy was struck recently with an avalanche that crushed the four star hotel, Hotel Rigopiano. Giorgia Galassi and Vincenzo Forti recalled the tragic events, stating that for the three days following the avalanche, the survivors shivered on a sooty sofa and sucked on packed snow. When rescuers finally came, they had to be pulled more »

China Smothered By Smog

Parts of China have been experiencing smog so thick that highways and businesses have been shut down, and dozens of flights have been canceled. Amid dangerously, unhealthy air quality levels, people in Beijing and elsewhere in the country have tried to go about their daily routines. The Associated Press reported 460 million people were affected by a more »

Facebook’s Fake News Problem

Recently, Facebook has been having trouble with fake news stories that have been appearing on their website, and app founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is laying out plans to keep phony news off of Facebook feeds. He has even taken time off from an international conference to address the growing debate over fake news. According more »

Conquering Writer’s Block

About five minutes ago, I had my laptop open wondering what article I should write. I had absolutely no clue. What has happened in school lately? Are there any notable current events? And then it hit me. I may have writer’s block, but other people might, too. So, now I am sitting here with my laptop more »