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F.C.C. Experiences Courtside Grill

  The HAFTR Food Critics Club had the pleasure of going to the new sports bar on Central Avenue, Courtside Grill. We would like to thank Courtside Grill for hosting such an enjoyable event. Review #1 The staff was very professional and gave great service. The food was incredible! We started with the crisp french more »

F.C.C. Visits Qcumbers Cafè

Recently, the HAFTR Food Critics Club had the opportunity to taste salads at Qcumbers Cafe, a highly popular salad bar located in close proximity to the school. We would like to thank Qcumbers for sponsoring such a memorable F.C.C. experience. Review #1 The place is relatively clean, and has the perfect space between tables. Our more »

F.C.C. Enjoys Sushi

This past week, the Food Critics Club tasted various types of sushi rolls from the nearby restaurant, Stop Chop and Roll. Review #1 We tasted the Alaska Roll, California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll with brown rice, and cooked salmon with sweet sauce. I was delighted by the California Roll for many reasons. I liked it more »

Vegetable Soup

Whether you’re sick, cold, or just in the mood for a warm snack, soup is always a good choice. It has many different components to it that affect its presentation, texture, and taste. Some might prefer Dave’s vegetable soup, while others prefer Benny’s. Dave’s vegetable soup includes large vegetables which allows one who does not more »

Kosher Guru

Learning from the Guru

Mr. Gabriel Boxer, also know as “The Kosher Guru”, came to the Food Critics Club on Wednesday December 30th. He gave a brief background about himself, how Kosher Guru began and the importance of social media in the food industry. Mr. Boxer also pointed out some important halachic aspects when critiquing restaurants. One point he made more »