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Parashat Vayeitzei

After analyzing the words of Rabbi Yosef Kalatsky regarding this week’s parsha, we learn that shortly after waking up from his dream on Har Moriah, Yaakov removed the stones that were surrounding and protecting his head and built an altar that he then used to conduct a sacrifice. It was at this moment that Yaakov more »

Honorable Ronald Goldman Speaks to Eleventh Grade Business Ethics Class

Ronald Goldman, the Village of Lawrence Administrator, came to speak to my eleventh grade business ethics class on February 12. He spoke about the differences between American law and Jewish law. Honorable Goldman started by contrasting Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address to Jewish law. He said that American law is based on power derived from the people. Lincoln, more »

Tu B’Shvat Unraveled

People often look at the holiday of Tu B’shvat–the New Year of the trees–with puzzled faces.  What is the source for such a day?  How was this specific day chosen? What does it mean for there to be a “New Year for the trees?”  And is there a deeper meaning to such an occasion? The source for more »

Dvar Torah: Parashat Bo

by Rabbi Lewis Wienerkur As this Shabbat, 6 Shevat, marks the 40th yahrtzeit of my mother, Eva K. Wienerkur, Z’L, I would like to offer these thoughts in her memory. Although this is not the forum for my personal disclosures, as she went back to work as a teacher solely to pay my sister’s and my more »