HAFTR Hawks Beat Their Crosstown Rival DRS, 47-46

The HAFTR Hawks came into Monday night’s game looking to improve to 4-0 in regular season play, coming off a blowout win versus North Shore Saturday night. The Hawks started out strong, outscoring the Wildcats 11-0 after the first couple of minutes of the game, led by two three point shots made by Jason (Trey) Abraham and an and one shot by Harrison Kuritzky. At the end of the first quarter, the Hawks led 23 to 6. The Wildcats rallied back in the second, but the Hawks responded and led at halftime by eight points, thanks to a couple of clutch shots by Shai Lainaido. In the third quarter, the Hawks were led by seniors Jason Mishkin and Oliver Stern who hit key shots to stop the Wildcats comeback. In the fourth quarter, the Wildcats tied the game at 39 with 4 minutes left, just before Abrahams and Jeremy Schneider hit key shots. With twenty seconds left in the game and the Wildcats trailing by only three point, junior forward Gideon Velenski missed a three pointer. The Hawks held on to win 48-47 to start the season 4-0. Their next game is against Solomon Schecter Monday night as the Hawks look to improve to 5-0.