Virtual Reality

During what I thought would be an ordinary Sunday afternoon, I experienced something astonishing. As I was strolling through the local mall with my friend, I caught a glimpse of a small setup out of the corner of my eye. At first glance, it appeared to be these two workers just selling some PS4 gaming systems, probably bragging about the high definition quality of their games, the speed on their network connection, and the like. But what they were promoting was much more advanced and special than that. They were selling the PlayStation VR, which I would soon discover to be one of the most innovative and significant inventions of our time. For a small price of ten dollars, they allowed customers to test out the item and play up to two games. I immediately grabbed my wallet, handed in my cash, and put on the virtual headset. This is when the whole world around me changed, literally.

As soon as I opened my eyes, I was no longer with my friend in the mall. I was in a whole new place, a whole new world – the world of virtual reality. On the remote controller, I selected a racing game as the first of my two trial games. I clicked the button, and poof! I was suddenly teleported to a completely different setting. I was now inside a car with red leather seats, and as I looked around me, I visually explored my scenery: mountaintops, clouds, and rivalry racers in their respective cars. Numbers began to countdown in front of me, “3…,” my hands grabbed the wheel, “2…,” I roared my engine, “1…,” I glanced at my opponents, “GO!” I pressed my foot on the pedal and zoomed forward. I looked at the speedometer, 0 to 100 real quick. “Spectacular!” I said aloud, forgetting where I really am. The race is so intense, so legitimate, I practically felt the shaking of the car and the rush of wind through the crack in the window. I saw the finish line, cross it, and successfully finish in first place. The victory, although seemingly insignificant, felt so real and accomplishing to me.

After doing extensive research, I realized the importance of virtual reality and the valuable role it can have in our world. Virtual reality can act as a very successful tool for training in different fields and workplaces. Those who are involved in astronomy can have a first-hand look at our solar system, exploring planets, stars, and space, and can learn more about our universe. Surgeons can use virtual reality to simulate an operation, to train newer surgeons, or to test new procedures, without putting lives at risk. Many major associations and institutions have taken advantage of the ability to train using virtual reality. The Los Angeles Clippers explored virtual reality to assist their big man, Deandre Jordan, in perfecting his free-throw shooting. Even the military has included virtual reality in their training, including flight simulation, medic training, battlefield training, and other various training programs to teach soldiers the proper reactions to have and actions to take during critical times.

Virtual reality, although a fun and exciting opportunity to immerse one’s self in his/her favorite video games and experience gaming in a whole new way, is a vital technological invention which can be implemented to change the way we perform and live. It further assists in exploring technology and the world, improves abilities in various careers, and can even help save many lives. Along with being used for entertainment, virtual reality is a great key to unlocking the future ahead of us and allowing us to reach new heights.