The Hype for Rogue One is Real

I am among the millions of Star Wars nerds, geeks, and fanatics waiting to see the newest installment of the Star Wars franchise Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Rogue One is the eighth installment to franchise, however it is not part main saga (episodes I through VII). In fact, it is one of three anthology films which are coming out in the following years, including a Han Solo film in 2018. This tale takes place prior to Episode IV: A New Hope in a time where there are no more Jedi, and the galaxy is in tyranny under the ruthless Galactic Empire. The story is about a daring group of rebels who attempt to steal plans of the Empire’s super weapon: The Death Star, and with these plans the rebels will find a way to destroy it, leading to the events in Episode IV.

In case you haven’t been watching TV or haven’t been on social media, there have been many advertisements for Rogue One. Disney Lucasfilm, the recently merged production company founded by George Lucas, is hoping this film will be a big success, which may be hard considering the gigantic success its predecessor, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, achieved last year, racking up over two billion dollars in the global box office. However, this movie is already breaking records of its own by taking the number two spot for most online pre-sale tickets sold (the number one spot is held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens). Loyal fans and moviegoers alike are giddy with excitement for this movie; I know I sure am. So yes, I guess you can say the hype for Rogue One is definitely real.


Rogue One: A Star wars Story comes out December, 16. Check back later this month as I will be reviewing Rogue One after I see it.