Junior & Senior Snow Tubing Trip

The wind flowing through your hair, gliding through the snow as you speedily descend a snowy hill. Feeling the tube bounce, as you plunder downward, hitting small bumps of snow and tiny leaps of faith. Letting gravity take control, feeling free, and letting loose. The thrill and excitement of snow tubing is intense, and the experience is irreversible.

On December 28, 2016, HAFTR took juniors and seniors on an unforgettable Chanukah trip. After a regular morning prayer, all junior and senior boys and girls made their way towards the luxurious coach busses hired to take them to the mountain. After a relaxed two hour ride, the busses arrived to Mt. Creek. There, kids exited the bus and snacked on various foods the school offered, such as delicious bagels with cream cheese. After the fifteen minute lunch break, students boarded the shuttles, and headed towards the best part of the trip.

Students waited on line patiently, clutching their tubes, eagerly waiting to check out the hills. As they rode up the moving walkway, they watched others slide down the hill, clearly having an exhilarating time. At the top of the hill, hearts were pumping and blood was rushing, even before their wonderful ride began. Finally, when their turn was up, students hopped on their tubes, and were either pulled by one of the workers, or pushed by their friends, as the moment they were all waiting for finally had arrived.

From the moment the hill curved downward, their tubes slowly descended. Within seconds of sliding down, screams of joy were heard by kids as they soared through the wonderful winds of winter. As they continued flying towards the bottom, they appeared smaller and smaller to those watching back at top, and eventually turned into dots in the distance. The kids watching were now even more excited to begin their trip of joy. And this continued over and over again until it was time to leave.

Before the shuttles arrived to take the students back to the busses, groups of kids grabbed some hot cocoa, some sat by the camp fires, and a few even played a fun card game to pass the time. The shuttles arrived, taking them back to the busses, and the boys prayed a meaningful afternoon prayer. The bus ride home was very relaxed and pleasurable, and the busses arrived to HAFTR just before the dismissal bell rang. All in all, it was an extremely successful trip for the HAFTR juniors and seniors.