Israeli Soldier Convicted of Manslaughter

After a long and suspenseful nine months, the military court has finally come to a decision: IDF sergeant Elor Azaria has been convicted of manslaughter for shooting a wounded Palestinian terrorist last year in Hebron.

On March 24, 2016, a camera caught Elor Azaria shooting a wounded Palestinian terrorist. Prior to this incident, the terrorist stabbed another soldier and was shot and wounded by soldiers. The videotape shows Azaria taking a few steps forward as he shot the terrorist.

Azaria was subjected to a trial where his defense argued that the bullet did not kill the wounded Palestinian and that he still served as a danger to the soldiers in the nearby area. The judges seemed to think otherwise, and said this was a violation, as the terrorist no longer posed a severe threat. A unanimous decision declared that the bullet did indeed kill the wounded  Palestinian. According to The New York Times, one of the military judges said Azaria had “no justification” for shooting the terrorist. Azaria’s sentencing is set to take place next week at the military court. In the meantime, his lawyers will be working extremely hard to appeal the decision.
People who claimed Azaria was innocent protested outside the military headquarters both before and after the verdict due to their anger with the unanimous decision. Many of the protesters feel that this is a direct attack on all IDF soldiers, making it hard for them to fight against terror.