Israel Intensifies Battle with U.S. Over U.N. Resolution on Settlements

The Israeli government stepped up its battle with the Obama administration, saying it had evidence that the United States initiated the passage of the resolution. This document states that the regions of the Samaria and Judea are excluded from Israel’s territory, among other things. Due to this dispute, Israel postponed approval of new settlement construction during its quarrel with the U.S.

Amid bitterness in Israel over what is seen as the U.S. failure to protect Israel through the use of its veto, Secretary of State, John F. Kerry, gave a speech outlining his vision for resolving peace with the Palestinians. This speech promoted the building of 600 new housing units in the Palestinian eastern section of the city. The decision came after days of furious protests by Mr. Netanyahu and other Israeli officials against the United Nations Security Council. However, the prime minister has no authority over the planning commission; he did not want to provide the Obama administration any additional Security Council resolution knowing that he will be ending his term soon.

On a positive note, President Donald J. Trump is an advocate of settlements, as his ambassador to Israel is opposed the Security Council resolution. In addition, he expressed support for Israel’s government on Twitter. He later mentioned, “We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect.”

During the process of the Israeli settlement policy, a committee approved a four story building on a vacant area in East Jerusalem. Hundreds of Palestinian residents will be able to live there. This evoked Netanyahu’s anger and disappointment, compelling him to retaliate against other members of the Security Council. He canceled diplomatic visits, recalled representatives and ambassadors, and cut back financial aid.

According to John Kerry, he wants an independent Palestinian state to exist peacefully alongside Israel. He believes that it will be the only way to guarantee the Jewish state’s long-term peace and security in the region. The secretary negotiated borders for Israel and a Palestinian state, to acknowledge each other and gain access to holy sites in Jerusalem. The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be their capital, but Israel has ruled out dividing the city that serves as its capital.