“Reflections,” the Senior Yearbook

It is that time of year again! Winter break is just around the corner and the senior class has only a single semester of high school left. Four years of learning, fun, and growing are coming to an end – and with that comes the bittersweet graduation ceremony and all of the impending goodbyes. Memories that have accumulated should not be forgotten. And how will we preserve these memories…in the yearbook! The members of the class of 2017 have begun designing and filling the pages of the traditional manuscript with the help of staff advisor Mrs. Michelle Beach. She is the liaison between the publisher, the all-around ringmaster of the process, an instrumental part in creating the annual edition of “Reflections,” the HAFTR High School yearbook.

It is customary to revolve the yearbook around a theme. This year, the class has voted on Snapchat to be the central subject. In addition to the app’s color scheme of yellow, white, and black, the pages of the book will be modeled after different features in Snapchat, such as chats, the camera, and the Discover page. The yearbook contains multiple sections including humor, staff, underclassmen, and, of course, senior profiles. On the senior profile page, random fun facts, a favorite quote (in both English and Hebrew), and a casual picture don the page dedicated to each individual senior. Editor-in-Chief Perrin Rudensky is doing a great job making sure that all of the components of the book come together in a seamless fashion. Other members of the yearbook staff are Assistant Editors Jennifer Moskowitz and Hannah Mari; Copy Editors Rachel Wasserman and Dina Sarikov; Photo Editors Jack Eisenberg and Joshua Plaut; Business Editors Max Greenstein, Julian Sternberg, and Zachary Schwartz; Art Editors Maia Schlussel and Gila Schein; Profile Editors Rachel Sacks and Josef Kahn; Humor Editors Mikey Pianko and Nicole Jacobs; Clubs Editors Daniel Lichter and Marc Gottlieb; Literature Editors Michal Engel and Alison Kanefsky; Hebrew Literature Editors Israel Lallouz and Menashe Oved; and Sports Editors Joelle Vilinsky and Eli Fishman.

This week has been a busy one for the yearbook staff. The faculty section, which includes quotes from faculty members, was due on January 4. Those will surely be funny to read when the yearbooks come out. Sibling and casual pictures were taken by the photos editors. Additionally, the senior profiles are in the midst of being created; a survey for fun facts was sent to all class members.

To fund the project, the final section in the yearbook is devoted to advertisements. These ads are not the regular promotion of a product or business, but rather greetings from loved ones wishing congratulations, and underclassmen donating a dollar to say a word of praise. If you would like to commend the Class of 2017 on their accomplishment of completing high school, please contact Mrs. Beach at mibeach@haftr.org. We can’t wait to see the final version of the yearbook when it all comes together!