The Challenges of a Junior

Eleventh grade is notorious for being difficult and challenging. When this school year began, I didn’t think that I would suffer a stereotypical junior year. As I was able to manage all my work after two years of high school, I was sure I would be able to breeze through this year, despite what I had been told. Then, one week it hit me; I would not be immune to the challenges faced by a typical eleventh grader. It was the week before the first grading quarter ended and every teacher was rushing to squeeze in another test. That week, I had an average of two tests a day, and I was expected to do well on all of the tests, regardless of the fact that I had multiple subjects to study for.

Every Junior is expected to have good grades, study for the ACTs and/or SATs, participate in various extracurricular activities, and still come away with a shred of their sanity left by the end of the year. The extreme pressure placed upon juniors makes them feel as if they are drowning in work and have no free time. Junior year is one that will always be remembered as a year filled with lots of stress and many panic attacks, but if you manage your time well (and attend many hours of therapy) you just might make it out alive.