Faculty Spotlight: Rabbi Weber

Rabbi Weber recently took a trip to Israel to visit his students from last year. As we all know, Israel is going through a very difficult time right now. I interviewed Rabbi Weber about his trip.


Q: How did you spend your Thanksgiving?

A: I was in Eretz Yisroel.

Q: Where did you stay?

A: At my in-laws’ apartment, across the street from the Inbal.

Q: What did you do?

A: I went to visit all my talmidim and talmidot to see how they are doing and

flourishing in their respective yeshivot and seminaries.

Q: What schools did you visit?

A: Netiv Aryeh, Reishit, Shraga, and Midreshet Moriah.

Q: Why was this the first time you went to visit a seminary?

A: This is the first time I have had female students who have spent the year in Israel.

Q: Did you go to the Lippman wedding?

A: Yes.

Q: What was it like?

A: Phenomenal, it was a tremendous feeling of achdut throughout klal yisroel that so many strangers came just to support the chasan and kallah.

Q: How did you spend Shabbos?

 A: I went back to my own yeshiva and spent Shabbos with my students at my alma mater. It was an amazing Shabbos.

Q: Did you feel unsafe when you were there?

A: No, I didn’t because I felt there was a lot of security in the places I went to, especially in the Old City.

Q: Did you celebrate Thanksgiving in any way?

A: I went with Gabriel Perl to the Lippman wedding and then we went to mishmar in one of the yeshivas and we didn’t leave until 2:00 in the morning. We enjoyed an amazing night filled with Shuirim, Dvrei Torah, and chulent.