HAFTR’s College Counselors Network with Other CAJUE Counselors

Mrs. Joan Parmet, Director, College Guidance, and Mrs. Karen Wolf, Associate Director, attended the most recent Counselors Advocacy for the Jewish University Experience (CAJUE) meeting hosted by Yeshiva Derech Eretz (YDE) in Brooklyn. Yeshiva counselors meet on a regular basis to discuss issues of concern to all yeshivas. At this meeting, we discussed how the University of Pennsylvania changed their notification time so students would hear before Shabbat. We also talked about eighth grade courses and Regents exams on transcripts, Israeli colleges, and we shared tips and frustrations about the college application process. About 25 counselors attended the meeting representing New York and New Jersey schools, including Flatbush, Heschel, Frisch, SAR, DRS, Magen David, Ma’aynot, SKA, and others.